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A Dragon roars

As a Welsh based organisation we see a lot of Welsh performers. Prior to this year's Fringe we spoke to the performers and writers of three of this year's (we think) best Welsh shows.


Delme Thomas star of Saturday NIght Forever

Francois Pandolfo writer of Alix in Wundergarten

A Good Clean Heart playwright Alun Saunders

We spoke to Colin Hoult as he prepares to return to Edinburgh as Anna Mann.

Find out more here.

Nassim Soleimanpour wrote White Rabbit, Red Rabbit in 2011 but never saw it himself for 2 years. Read why and also about new play 'Blank' as he prepares to bring both to the Fringe.

Java Dance Artistic Director Sacha Copland tells us about getting lost on busses and why you should be 'In The Wine' for 2016.

We love Wit Tank, we love Naz from Wit Tank, this year they're all doing solo shows and Naz tells us which one you should definitely see.

We first met Chris Turner as part of Racing Minds, last year he was excellent doing solo stand-up. This year he is back doing both and more...

Tomas Ford danced to Donna Summer with DarkChat Dave last year so we asked him about Eurovision, as you do. That and other things here

Who are DarkChat?

Drawn from across the UK DarkChat include a broad spectrum of people of all ages, backgrounds and sexes. We include writers, directors, performers, students and fans of many genres.

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Created in 2007 DarkChat began as an idea for some friends to share their experiences of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with each other on a nightly basis, discussing the shows they had seen that day.

Fast forward and this has evolved into an online review site with the discussions provided to the wider world as well as our slightly inebriated friends.

We also enjoy the DarkChat Awards at the end of each Fringe Festival. It's not quite a Perrier Award (but then what is nowadays?) but we enjoy debating who should receive them and if we can make someone feel a little bit warmer about their show then why not!!

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