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We're keen on science and a fan of Helen


DarkChat first came across Helen Keen as part of a Science comedy show in Cardiff in 2008. We were so impressed by this unusual performer we sought out her Edinburgh show "The Primitive Methodist Guide to Arctic Survival"
the following year (see 2009 reviews).
She returned (as did we) in 2010 with "It Is Rocket Science" (see 2010 reviews).
We duly interrupted her to find out how this year's new show is progressing.
" I’m going to be performing at the Pleasance Hut (in the Courtyard) at 3.30pm for the entire festival run with a new show called Helen Keen: Robot Woman of Tomorrow.

I …er… haven’t exactly finished writing it yet, so it’s all still very slightly nebulous, but it’s probably going to be about the enduring power of science fiction to give us visions of a newer, better, fairer world – and temping. I was really into reading sci fi until I was about 12 or 13 (before getting steered onto 'proper literature' by my English teachers) so it’ll be a bit about how I imagined my own brilliant life would be in a future heavily influenced by e.g. Star Trek & The Adventure Game - and the discrepancy between that and my actual adult life which has been heavily influenced by photocopying. But also about how early science fiction writers and inventors imagined the future in the distant past.

I’ve been doing previews at the Brighton Fringe where I tried a mixture of older material and new, so that I have a bit of a safety net while I’m trying things out. I haven’t quite started panicking yet, so I’m at the nice stage where I get to watch & read loads of science fiction and just vaguely think about what it might be good to talk about. In a couple of weeks I’ll start tearing my hair out in clumps and wishing I’d started writing things down a bit earlier.
You can catch Helen at Edinburgh or beforehand at :
Tue 12th Jun 2012 and Tue 10th Jul 2012 Abbey Tavern London
Thu 12th Jul 2012
Edinburgh Festival Preview, Helen Keen, Fran Moulds Pleasance (Islington)

Fri 13th Jul 2012
The Tringe Festival 2012, Laurence Clark, Helen Keen Boxmoor Hall (Hemel Hempstead)

Sun 15th Jul 2012
  Edinburgh Festival Preview, Helen Keen, Richard Herring
  Pleasance (Islington)

For more information visit www.helenkeen.com
or you can follow her on twitter where she is @helen_keen